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Yunus Armatür was founded in 1998 and started to production under the title of Yunus Pres Döküm Su Armatürleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. in 2009. Yunus Armatür provides manufacturing service with ambitious and energetic management, principles and reliable quality and excellent design.

Yunus Armatür follows closely of technology and enhance machinery according to new technology. Increases the capacity with its work force, knowledge and experience with each passing day.

Yunus Armatur improves itself R & D activities and technological investments. Consumer satisfaction is the primary objectives of Yunus Armatur. Our main goal is, increasing the level of quality raw materials and auxiliary materials by following the new development, and enhancing raw materials and supply chain management each time in the name of customer delivery. Our products do not contain substances generally known harmful effects on human health.

Turkish property of 100% native.

Moreover, we guaranteed the soundness of the documents with ISO 9001 and compliance with the TSE. 5-year warranty period is an approving indicator of product guality.

We reach for the sky with understanding innovative luminaire with each passing day in our market. We will keep forever the success which was attained with design, quality and functionality.

Yunus Armatur has started to respond foreign trade volume and speeded up the process and began to take its place Middle East, Africa, the Balkans and Turkic Republics.



* By establishing good communication with our suppliers and supporting our production with qualified products,

* Following up technologies in the developing world with trained and competent personnel,

* Recognizing the most important condition of the quality is continuous improvement of all levels quality management

* Identifying of customer needs and expectations and enhance customer satisfaction by analyzing,

* Providing a good working environment to our employees with necessary resources and ensure participation quality management system.

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